Janie's and Tim's Wedding
Photos by Troy Freeman
(Click images to see full size pictures)

steveimages/_32revcurtiss.jpg, 6.1K
Rev. William Curtiss
performed the ceremony

steveimages/_34kimgina.jpg, 4.9K
Kim Staback and Gina
Erickson were the
Matrons of Honor

steveimages/_35jesszack.jpg, 5.1K
Ring Bearer Zack Erickson
and Aunt Jessica Rust

steveimages/_36timkimdonlynn.jpg, 5.8K
Tim, Kim, Don &
Lynn watch Janie come
down the aisle

steveimages/_37jadownaisleted.jpg, 4.4K
A happy Bride followed
by son, Ted Rust

steveimages/_3tnjbeach.jpg, 4K
Tim and Janie
on the beach

steveimages/_73recdwbubbles.jpg, 4.3K
The couple is received
at the reception

steveimages/_9janiechurch.jpg, 4.9K
Janie at the altar after
the ceremony

 steveimages/_siblings.jpg, 5.2K
The Douglas siblings
at the reception

 steveimages/_93douglasclan.jpg, 5K
The Douglas Clan minus sister Debbie and brother Jay

 steveimages/_xaltar.jpg, 5.1K
The Wedding Party
during the ceremony

steveimages/_80crowd.jpg, 6.2K
Family and close friends
of the Bride 

steveimages/_58kimsideangels.jpg, 3.9K
Kim sings "We're on the
Side of Angels"

steveimages/_62robkeeperstars.jpg, 4K
Rob sings "Keeper
of the Stars"

steveimages/_xaisle.jpg, 4.4K
The new Mr and
Mrs Douglas

steveimages/_xjanelaugh.jpg, 3.5K
The Bride puts on
a happy face
steveimages/_53tcrossmyheart.jpg, 4.7K
The couple sings "I Cross
My Heart" to each other

steveimages/_feedcaket2j.jpg, 5.3K
Janie's turn!
And neatly done

steveimages/_tnjgrass.jpg, 6.1K
Tim and Janie a few
days before the wedding

steveimages/_feedcake1.jpg, 5.1K
Tim feeds cake to
Janie carefully

steveimages/_cutcake.jpg, 5.6K
The couple cuts
the wedding cake

steveimages/_tnjdance.jpg, 4.7K
The Bride and Groom
dance the first dance

steveimages/_xkimrob.jpg, 5.5K
Kim and new husband
Rob Staback

steveimages/_jnthandinhand.jpg, 4.3K
The Bride and Groom
finally arrive

steveimages/_jntcuddle.jpg, 5.6K
Janie and Tim open
presents at the reception

steveimages/_tericrystjnksing.jpg, 5.1K
Teri, Crystal, Janie and
Kim sing "Any Man O' Mine"

steveimages/_50robtorijosjonted.jpg, 4.4K
Rob, Tori, Joseph, Jon
and Ted watch the ceremony

steveimages/_xjonted.jpg, 5.6K
Jon tells Ted
an "in" joke

steveimages/_xtimjane.jpg, 5.6K
The happy couple
after the wedding

steveimages/_xido.jpg, 5.7K
Bride and Groom
saying their vows

steveimages/_xjntaltar.jpg, 6.7K
The Bride and Groom
at the altar

steveimages/_xjanealtar.jpg, 5.3K
Janie after
the ceremony

steveimages/_jjncalvin.jpg, 6K
JJ and Calvin
missed the ceremony

steveimages/_xtedkim.jpg, 5.3K
Kim hugs Ted
at his '94 graduation

steveimages/_xjanejon.jpg, 5.2K
Mother/Son Dance at Jon and Jessica's 1995 wedding


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Phil Russell


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