Marla Meadows Crowned
Miss Rodeo Oregon 2003

rodeo2003images/_01_mobronc.jpg, 3K
Bronc riders

rodeo2003images/_02_orrodct.jpg, 3.9K
The contestants
line up

rodeo2003images/_03_roses.jpg, 3.7K
First, a nice
bouquet of roses

rodeo2003images/_04_corona.jpg, 3.6K
...and gets her crown

rodeo2003images/_05_crown.jpg, 3.5K
Smiling to the crowd

rodeo2003images/_06_adder.jpg, 4K
Getting in
her wagon

rodeo2003images/_07_wave.jpg, 3.3K
Waving to the crowd

rodeo2003images/_08_laugh.jpg, 2.6K
A big smile for
the crowd

rodeo2003images/_09_smily.jpg, 2.4K
And for her mother

rodeo2003images/_10_hands.jpg, 3.3K
Marla designed
her own dress

rodeo2003images/_11_oregonian.jpg, 4.5K
The Oregonian
story on her win

rodeo2003images/_12_spotlite.jpg, 2.5K
...and the South County
Spotlight story

 Miss Rodeo Oregon

 Miss Rodeo Oregon

 Miss Rodeo Washington County 2002