Jazz Musicians
Aboard the Queen Elizabeth 2

qemusicimages/_aclarkterry.jpg, 2.7K
Clark Terry Quartet
qemusicimages/_adonlonhouston.jpg, 2.5K
Lou Donaldson,
Lonnie Smith &
Nicholas Payton
being interviewed
qemusicimages/_apersonquartet.jpg, 2.3K
Houston Person
qemusicimages/_bclark.oscar.jpg, 2.8K
Clark Terry with
Oscar Peterson
at an interview
qemusicimages/_bdwakenius2.jpg, 2.3K
Ulf Wakenius,
Oscar's guitarist
qemusicimages/_boscar.sitting.jpg, 3.4K
Oscar, who is
recovering from a
stroke, is helped
into his seat
qemusicimages/_camikejones.jpg, 2.1K
Mike Jones, one of
the Queen Elizabeth's
several pianists
qemusicimages/_clonniesmith.jpg, 2.4K
Lonnie Smith,
"doctor" of the
Hammond B3 organ
qemusicimages/_dasloane2.jpg, 1.8K
Jazz singer
Carol Sloane
qemusicimages/_dmonte.jpg, 2.6K
Pianist Monte
qemusicimages/_drubin.jpg, 3K
Jazz singer
Vanessa Rubin
qemusicimages/_dzettajones.jpg, 2K
Jazz singer
Etta Jones

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