Canary Islands
and Madeira Island

qeislandsimages/_aatenerife1.jpg, 1.6K
Our first look
at Tenerife Island
qeislandsimages/_abtenerife.tug.jpg, 2.3K
Docking at Tenerife
qeislandsimages/_atenerife.fantail.jpg, 2.8K
The harbor at Tenerife
qeislandsimages/, 2.3K
A church on Tenerife
qeislandsimages/_btenerife.train.jpg, 2.8K
This McDonald train
took us around the
island of Tenerife
qeislandsimages/_btenerife.vnudestatue.jpg, 2.8K
A statue in the
park on Tenerife
qeislandsimages/_dmadeira.harbor.jpg, 2.1K
Madeira Island
qeislandsimages/_dmadeira.houses.jpg, 3.6K
A hillside of beautiful
white homes with red
tile roofs on Madeira
qeislandsimages/_dmadeira.masts.jpg, 2.8K
Masts of boats in the
Funchal, Madeira harbor
qeislandsimages/_emadeira.cathedral2.jpg, 3.3K
Madeira's cathedral
qeislandsimages/_emadeira.toboggan2.jpg, 2.6K
We rode wicker
toboggans down the
streets of Madxeira
qeislandsimages/_emadeira.toboggan3.qe2.jpg, 3.8K
The beginning of the
ride near the cathedral
qeislandsimages/_fmadeira.fog.jpg, 2.1K
Madeira view in fog
qeislandsimages/_fmadeira.qe2view.jpg, 2.5K
The Queen Elizabeth 2
seen from the cathedral
qeislandsimages/_fmadeira.viewofship.jpg, 3.1K
Anbother view of the
Queen Elizabeth 2
from the hills of Madeira
qeislandsimages/_gamadeira.wickeranimals.jpg, 2.8K
Wicker animals
crafted by people
of Madeira
qeislandsimages/_gmadeira.leigh.jpg, 2.3K
Leigh on the Queen
Elizabeth 2 in Madeira
qeislandsimages/_gmadeira.santamaria.jpg, 2.4K
A replica of the
Santa Maria in
Madeira Island harbor

Leigh and Phil on the Queen Elizabeth 2

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