Factsheet on Queen Elizabeth 2

Queen Elizabeth 2, the flagship of Cunard line and the British Merchant Fleet, was already the most famous ship in the world on the day she was launched by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the 20th September 1967. Revolutionary in concept but retaining the sleek classic profile of an ocean liner, QE2 was the first ship designed for both cruising and traditional transatlantic crossings.
Now, over thirty years later, she still is the most famous ship in the world. QE2 is the last of the great transatlantic liners. She is the only passenger ship with the necessary speed to provide scheduled transatlantic service between Southampton and New York.
Almost everything about her is a superlative; she is the fastest passenger liner in service. She has the most extensive facilities of any ship afloat; she has a health spa which rates among the top ten in the world; she is the only ship to be awarded five stars by the RAC: she has one of the biggest libraries at sea; she is the largest consumer of caviar on earth; and she has steamed over 4 1/2 million miles, completed over 1150 voyages, and sailed more miles than the Queen Mary and the Queen Elizabeth together.
The following information, describing certain details and thumbnail information of the amenities and facilities available to all who travel on her, is offered as a means of gaining a better, appreciation of everything that goes on to make up the last of the great ocean liners.

Queen Elizabeth 2 Statistics
Builders: John Brown & Co. (Clydebank) Ltd.
Upper Clyde Shipbuilders Ltd. Scotland
Keel Laid: 5th July 1965
Launched: 20th September 1967 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
Maiden Voyage: 2nd May 1969 (Southampton to New York)
Port of Registry: Southampton
E-Mail: QE2@cruisemail.com
Tonnage: Gross: 70,327 Net 37,182
Length: 963 Feet (293.53m)
Beam: 105.25 Feet (32.06m)
 Machinery: 9 MAN B&W diesel engines type 9L 58/64 each with a capacity of 10, 625kW at 400 rev/min. Each is attached to a GEC alternator and all connected to a 10kV busbar
Propulsion: 2 x Gec 44 Holland MW Motors
2 x Lips Holland 5 bladed variable pitch propellers 6.1M in diameter
Evaporators: Sea water to fresh water - 1450 tons daily
4 x Flash evaporators (1000 tons daily)
1 x reverse osmosis (450 tons daily)
Anchors: 2 forward x 12.5 tons each attached to cables 1080 feet long, 1 aft x I x 71 /4 tons attached to a 720 foot cable
Rudder Weight: 75 tons
Speed: 32 knots (max) 28.5 (cruising)
Passenger Capacity: 1750 (1567 on this voyage)
Number of Crew: 1016 (1,009 on this voyage)
Number of Cabins: 926
Number of Outside Cabins 664
Number of Inside Cabins : 262
Number of Single Cabins: 115
Number of Passenger Decks 10
Banks: 1
Bars : 9
Casino 1
Elevators 13 passenger, 2 car, 8 store, & 1 engine room
Jacuzzis : 2 (outdoor)
Lifeboats 20 - Capacity 2346 persons
Life jackets 3116 Adult and 200 children
Life Rafts : 56 - Capacity 1400 persons
Restaurants Queens Grill - 231 persons
Britannia Grill - 108 persons
Princess Grill - 100 persons
Caronia - 538 persons
Mauretania - 530 persons
The Lido - 432 persons
Shops: 10
Stowage of Cars 16 (drive on/off)
Swimming Pools: 1 (outdoor), 1 (indoor)
Synagogue: 1
 Theatre : 1

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