Leigh and Phil Take a Jazz Cruise
on the Queen Elizabeth 2

qeimages/_aaqe.sunsetovermiami.jpg, 2K
Leaving Miami at
sunset November 1
qeimages/_aqe.leavesport.jpg, 2.6K
Looking out over
the bow of the QE2
qeimages/_aqe.tugpull.jpg, 2.6K
A little help from a
tiug gets us underway
qeimages/_aqe2.stern.jpg, 3K
Making knots, as we
look over the stern
qeimages/_cmiami.mike.jpg, 2.9K
Mike Hamilton relaxes
in the Miami sun
qeimages/_cqe2.leigh.jpg, 2.8K
Leigh Hamilton
qeimages/_cqe2.leighphil.jpg, 2.7K
Leigh and Phil
qeimages/_cqe2.phil.jpg, 2.8K
Phil Russell
qeimages/_dbdiane.jpg, 2.2K
Diane, one of our
waitresses in the
Mauretania Restaurant
qeimages/_dbnicky.jpg, 2.2K
Nicky, another
waitress at our
table on the QE2
qeimages/_dchiefengineer.jpg, 2.3K
We sat at the table with
the ship's Chief
qeimages/_djean.jpg, 2.6K
A seatmate, Jean,
a retired travel agent
qeimages/_ebrigit.bob.jpg, 3.1K
Seatmates Brigit
& Bob, from England
qeimages/_ejulia.john.jpg, 2.8K
Seatmates Julia
& John, from England
qeimages/_elifeboat.jpg, 2.4K
One of many lifeboats
on the Boat Deck
qeimages/_eqe2.bridge.jpg, 2.8K
The bridge of the
Queen Elizabeth 2
qeimages/_xlq2pool.jpg, 3.1K
One of the ship's two
swimming pools
qeimages/_xqe2.jpg, 2.1K
The Queen Elizabeth 2
qeimages/_xxmike.jpg, 2.3K
Mike, dressed up
qeimages/_xxphil.leigh.qe2.jpg, 3.5K
Disembarking in
the Canary Islands

Leigh and Phil on the Queen Elizabeth 2

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