Leigh & Phil Visit New York City - October 2002

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nyc02files/_01_68.jpg, 2K
Statue of Liberty

nyc02files/_02_69.jpg, 3.5K
Leigh and Statue

nyc02files/_03_70.jpg, 4K
Phil and Statue

nyc02files/_04_75.jpg, 4.8K
Ground Zero

nyc02files/_05_76.jpg, 4.2KLeigh at Ground Zero

nyc02files/_06_77.jpg, 4.4K
Phil at Ground Zero

nyc02files/_07_82.jpg, 4.7K
Leigh in Times Square

nyc02files/_08_86.jpg, 5.1K
Phil in Times Square

nyc02files/_09_89.jpg, 5.2K
Phil at Radio City
Music Hall

nyc02files/_10_11.jpg, 5.9K
Looking Down
From Empire State

nyc02files/_11_16.jpg, 5.4K
View from Empire
State Building

nyc02files/_12_18.jpg, 4.4K
Chrysler Building
From Empire
State Building

nyc02files/_13_55.jpg, 3.3K
Queen Elizabeth II
Docked in New York
(we'll be aboard her
in March 03)

nyc02files/_14_57.jpg, 4.1K
Small lighthouse
which New Yorkers
want left standing

nyc02files/_15_59.jpg, 3.4K
Swing train bridge
at north end
of Manhattan

Another shot of
swing train bridge

nyc02files/_17_66.jpg, 4.4K
"Authorized" grafitti

nyc02files/_18_72.jpg, 3.3K
Looking in at where
Word Trade
Center stood

nyc02files/_19_78.jpg, 5.3K
Surprise! This is

nyc02files/_20_23.jpg, 3.6K
A sign that we are
in New York City

nyc02files/_21_79.jpg, 5.2K
The national debt -
A Bush reminder

nyc02files/_22_21.jpg, 4.9K
Downtown New York

nyc02files/_23_15.jpg, 4.8K
Another view from
Empire State Building

nyc02files/_24_80.jpg, 4.9K
Apple Switch Ad
near Times Square