Rough Notes From MacMania 2002

Sorry if they are cryptic! We have just gotten back! Phil and Leigh

 Speakers were:
Bob Levitus, David Pogue, Adam Engst, Deke McClelland, Ben Long, Tom Negrino, and others. for info on future cruises

Stills for iMovie should be 640x480 and 72dpi for best results.

Shareware for OS X (some work in 9) recommended by Dr. Mac:
Watson **
Graphic Converter
FileBuddy 7.0.2 (commercial)
WindowShade X

DekeMcClelland on PhotoShop:
Healing tool is easy, option click good source, drag over bad target area
more effective with soft brush, shift left bracker is softer, shift right bracket is harder
in edit menu fade healing brush to select less opacity
Presets: period for next, comma for last
Liquifym brings dialog, can now zoom, space bar, hand,
Multi undo and redo ComdOptZ, add shift to go forward
Some filters in Photoshop are on CD, but not automatically installed
File Browser is a BIG DEAL in 7
Change opacity on the fly by using a number key, 0 is 100%
Levels, 256 pixels wide, use autocontrast to do levels, try it
Lost data is NEVER regained. Always keep an untouched original
Games for X: Airburst Carbon, iColumns, JewelToy, Royal Flush, Video Poker


Use only fade in or cross dissolve in iMove, the rest are amateurish
FileBuddy is a GREAT renamer utility, better than all the rest 9 or 10
Watch it! Next tower may not use EITHER 100 or 133 RAM!
Disk Warrior was the tool of choice of all the experts talking
David Pogue and Harry Connick story on 20 Macs, calls them computers now
Pogue makes house calls to celebs (Carole King, Neil Simon, etc)
Nice mail rule: If it is in my Address Book, put it in folder "X"
Most things from 210 and 211 are SPAM (look in Long Headers to see this)
5 megapixel cameras are only 4.5 or so, they only use center of image
To give a Function key a chore, drag and drop icon of folddr, doc, app, into dialog box at correct key
David Pogue and Adam Engst have read Mouse Droppings for years and years
Recording in ScriptEditor is a good way to start finding what AppleScipt can do
In Stickies, type Antler!, hit return and see what happens
TapGuard stops unintended actions in PowerBooks
In Sherlock, click Custom, drop anything on it to see Type and Creator
You really need the file extensions in OS X (.jpg, .gif, etc)
Shift + Open opens all docs in Word
Turn off pix and animation in browser, Load will let you see it when you want to
Scrapbook in Explorer saves page even if it is taken off the Web
To record text you read (SimpleText for example) loop a cable from mic to speaker jacks
Use Cellos or Pipe Organ voice, leave out all punctuation to have it sing to you
Redirect email makes it look like it came direct from original sender
To got 9 to X, hold down X on startup
To go X to 9, hold down Option at startup