Blarney Castle and Kilkenny

Our guide, Rob Sweetingham (R), driver, Fergus (L)  with a passenger<br>
Our guide, Rob Sweetingham (R), driver, Fergus (L)  with a passenger
Statue honoring the first Irish immigrants to America  in Cobh, Cork
Leigh feigns horror at Titanic disaster
Cobh fishermen mend their nets
Leigh in front of Blarney Castle

View from the top of Blarney Castle
Blarney Castle
Our room in the Ormonde Kilkenny Hotel
Pudding Lane in Kilkenny
Buildings along the way
Lots of Jaguars in Ireland (even though Mac users  have moved on to Panther)
The railway station in Cobh, Cork
Phil in railway station in Cobh
Inside the railway station in Cobh
Phil with the statue honoring Irish immigrants


Shannon Ireland

Kilkenny, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

St. Canice Cathedral



Loch Lomond

Isle of Skye

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh, Scotland



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