Phil & Leigh Visit the White Mountains

whmt.images/_bridge.1.jpg, 96 x 65, 2.7K
A covered bridge
along the White
Mountain Trail

whmt.images/_fallcolor2.jpg, 96 x 72, 3K
Fall foliage

whmt.images/_lake.1.jpg, 96 x 72, 3K
Fall foliage

whmt.images/_lake.birch.jpg, 96 x 72, 3.1K
fall foliage

whmt.images/_riverreflect.jpg, 96 x 72, 2.8K
Maples reflected in
a river

whmt.images/_stream.1.jpg, 96 x 72, 3.2K
A mountain stream

whmt.images/_stream.2.jpg, 96 x 72, 3.1K
Mountain stream

whmt.images/_stream.3.jpg, 96 x 72, 3.4K
Mountain stream

whmt.images/_waterfall1.jpg, 96 x 72, 3.4K
Mountain stream

whmt.images/_waterfall2.jpg, 72 x 96, 3.3K
A small waterfall

whmt.images/_zchaletfoliage.2.jpg, 76 x 96, 3.6K
View from the chalet
we stayed in

whmt.images/_zfallcolor1.jpg, 72 x 96, 3.4K
Another view from
the chalet

 Visiting Dean and Nan Lewis in Bethesda
and Bill and Dorothy Thompson in McLean

Visiting Phil's Sister in Boston

Visiting the Jason Russell House

Visiting Places Phil Lived as a Child

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