First Stop on Phil & Leigh's Eastern Trip

wash.images/_01.deaniomai.jpg, 96 x 68, 2.8K
Dean Lewis at his
desk at Iomai

wash.images/_01.iomaihq.jpg, 96 x 63, 2.5K
Iomai is located
above a Japanese

wash.images/_01.iomailogo.jpg, 96 x 75, 2K
The Iomai logo

wash.images/_01.leigh.jan.3.jpg, 96 x 72, 2.9K
Leigh with Nan Lewis

wash.images/, 72 x 96, 3K
Nan with her arm
in a sling

wash.images/_02.billphil.jpg, 96 x 75, 3.1K
Admiral Bill
Thompson with
Phil at the Navy

wash.images/_02.dorothy.jpg, 72 x 96, 2.6K
Dorothy Thompson

wash.images/_02.homecomingstatue.jpg, 52 x 96, 2.3K
The Homecoming
sculpture at the
Navy Memorial

wash.images/_02.logleigh.jpg, 96 x 68, 2.4K
Leigh beside Phil's
Navy Log entry at the
Navy Memorial

wash.images/_02.phillog.jpg, 96 x 73, 3.2K
Phil's Navy Log entry

wash.images/_02.seabag.jpg, 73 x 96, 2.3K
Bill's name is sculpted
into part of the
Lone Sailor statue

wash.images/_03.kennedy.head.jpg, 64 x 96, 2.4K
Kennedy's bust
at the Kennedy

wash.images/_03.kennedy.largeroom.jpg, 69 x 96, 2.6K
The world's largest
room at the
Kennedy Center

wash.images/_03.ktapestry.1.jpg, 96 x 78, 3K
A tapestry donated
by Mexico in the
Kennedy Center

wash.images/_03.ktapestry.2.jpg, 96 x 71, 2.9K
Another Mexican
tapestry at the
Kennedy Center

wash.images/_03.sgargoyle.jpg, 96 x 72, 2.3K
One of the interesting
Gargoyles at the
Washington Cathedral

wash.images/_03.stainglass.1.jpg, 60 x 96, 2.9K
A stained glass
window at the
Washington Cathedral

wash.images/_03.stainglass.2.jpg, 64 x 96, 2.4K
A Space themed
stained glass window
at the Washington

wash.images/_03.stainglass.3.jpg, 62 x 96, 2.9K
Another stained
glass window
at the Washington

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Visiting the White Mountains of New Hampshire

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