Revisiting Phil's New Hampshire Youth

prnh.images/_01.epsomchurch.jpg, 96 x 87, 2.6K
The church in
Epsom where
Phil's father preached

prnh.images/_01.epsommabel.jpg, 96 x 64, 2.3K
Mabel Bartlett, a
long time friend,
lived in this house
in Epsom

prnh.images/_01.epsomstore.1.jpg, 96 x 75, 2.6K
The general store in
Epsom, where Phil, at age 3, wanted to go "to get a tail" for
the family's Manx cat

prnh.images/_01.epsomstore.door.1.jpg, 96 x 72, 3.1K
The General Store
sign reflects the
laid back atmosphere
in New Hampshire

prnh.images/_01.epsomstore.door.2.jpg, 72 x 96, 2.8K
Other signs on the
door reflect the
New Hampshire
interest in the outdoors

prnh.images/, 96 x 71, 3.2K
Where Phil's parents
lived in Epsom
in the 1960's

prnh.images/_01.myrtle.1.jpg, 80 x 96, 3.6K
Myrtle Cass, a
long time friend
of the Russell family

prnh.images/_02.ashlandchurch.jpg, 96 x 72, 2.7K
The church in
Ashland where
Phil's father preached

prnh.images/_02.ashlandchurchinside.jpg, 96 x 72, 2.8K
Inside the
Ashland church

prnh.images/_02.ashlandhouse.1.jpg, 96 x 72, 3K
The Russell home in
Ashland when Phil
was 6-7. At far right
is window Phil wanted
to fly his wooden
airplane from

prnh.images/_02.goldenpond.1.jpg, 96 x 72, 3K
The former Pease home,
on the shores of Golden Pond (actually named Little Squam Lake),
where Phil spent one

prnh.images/_nwoodchurch.1.jpg, 96 x 72, 2.7K
The Northwood
church where
Phil's dad preached

prnh.images/_nwoodhome.1.jpg, 96 x 72, 2.7K
Phil's old
Northwood home

prnh.images/_nwoodhome.2.jpg, 96 x 72, 2.6K
In mid picture is
where the "two-holer"
used to be located

prnh.images/_nwoodhome.tanning.jpg, 96 x 82, 3.5K
The old Northwood
Russell home is now
a tanning salon

 Visiting Dean and Nan Lewis in Bethesda
and Bill and Dorothy Thompson in McLean

Visiting Phil's Sister in Boston

Visiting the Jason Russell House

Visiting the White Mountains of New Hampshire

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