More Phil & Leigh Trip Pictures

nextra.images/_church.epsom.jpg, 65 x 96, 3K
The church in
Northwood, NH
where Phil's
father preached

nextra.images/_fallfoliage1.jpg, 96 x 63, 3.2K
Fall foliage along the
White Mountain
Trail in New Hampshire

nextra.images/_jamaicapond.jpg, 96 x 63, 2.7K
Jamaica Pond in
Boston, near
Phil's sister,
Eunice's home

nextra.images/_jasonhouse.jpg, 96 x 63, 2.9K
The Jason Russell
house in Arlington.
Phil's great to the 11th
grandfather was shot
here on the first day of
the Revolutionary War

nextra.images/_mountainstream.jpg, 96 x 63, 3.1K
A mountain stream
in the White

nextra.images/_reflectedfoliage.jpg, 96 x 63, 2.5K
Colorful fall foliage
in the White Mountains,
reflected in a lake

 Visiting Dean and Nan Lewis in Bethesda
and Bill and Dorothy Thompson in McLean

Visiting Phil's Sister in Boston

Visiting the Jason Russell House

Visiting Places Phil Lived as a Child

Visiting the White Mountains of New Hampshire

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