Easter Island Trip
March 9 to April 1, 2002

Our trip began with Delta flights from Portland, Oregon, to Atlanta, Georgia and then to
Santiago, Chile. Then we flew Chile LAN to Easter Island, a 2,000 mile trip over open ocean.

After six days on Easter Island, we flew back to Santiago, where we spent
two days in the luxurious Santiago Marriott.

We boarded the Norwegian Dream in Valparaiso and cruised up the coast
stopping at Coquimbo, Iqueque and Arica, Chile; Manta, Ecuador; through the Panama
Canal; stopping at Puerto Limon, Costa Rica and Grand Cayman Island.

We arrived back in Miami , Florida, on April 1, flying Delta to Atlanta, Georgia, Salt
Lake City, Utah and arriving in Portland, Oregon at 8:40 that night.

Enjoy the pictures we took on the trip. Each page has links to every port.

 Santiago, Chile

 Easter Island

 Coquimbo, Chile

 Iqueque, Chile

 Arica, Chile

 Manta, Equador

 Panama Canal

 Puerto Limon, Costa Rica

 Grand Cayman Island

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