Phil & Leigh Visit Boston

bost.images/_01.eunicedonheart.jpg, 96 x 66, 2.9K
Phil's sister, Eunice
Schatz with husband
Don in a sculpture
bost.images/_01.jpond.1.jpg, 96 x 72, 3K
Jamaica Pond
in Jamaica Plains
near the Schatz home
bost.images/_01.jpond.3.jpg, 96 x 72, 3.6K
Sign at entry to
Jamaica Pond
bost.images/, 72 x 96, 2.7K
One of Boston's
many old churches
bost.images/_02.hancock.jpg, 72 x 96, 2.3K
John Hnacock Building
bost.images/_02.harvard.jpg, 72 x 96, 3.5K
Phil and Leigh both
went through Harvard
bost.images/_eunice.1.jpg, 60 x 96, 2.3K
Eunice Schatz
bost.images/_eunicedon.jpg, 74 x 96, 2.9K
Eunice and Don
bost.images/_leighstatue.jpg, 68 x 96, 3K
Leigh at the
sculpture park
bost.images/_lobster.jpg, 79 x 96, 3.2K
Phil eating a
21/2 lb. Maine lobster

 Visiting Dean and Nan Lewis in Bethesda
and Bill and Dorothy Thompson in McLean

Visiting the Jason Russell House

Visiting Places Phil Lived as a Child

Visiting the White Mountains of New Hampshire

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