Zululand Safari In South Africa

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Specially cloned eucalyptus trees are grown here for lumber. Every tree is identically straight A typical thatched native hut The sign to Zulu Nyala Game Reserve One of the rooms at the Lodge
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The Zulu Nyala Heritage Lodge Leigh in Safari attire Phil at Zulu Nyala Heritage Lodge Our guide, Bernard
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A Safari vehicle Leigh ready to rumble Phil at side of Safari vehicle First animal seen was a giraffe
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Many antelope like animals in the Reserve Like these impala Zebras all over the place Most animals had very little fear of humans
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Water buffalo Water buffalo eyeing the Safari vehicle Close up water buffalo The lodge where I Dream of Africa, starring Kim Basinger, was shot
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Hippopotamus Hippo mama with two babies Weaver bird nests are usually on the NE side, and natives use this to find their way when lost. A 48-year old guide died on the safari. Here they are giving him mouth to mouth resuscitation

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