MacMania 2000 - Aboard the Volendam

shipimages/_01ourstateroom01.jpg, 2.7K
Our stateroom

shipimages/_02phil_in_cabin.jpg, 2.5K
Phil relaxes

shipimages/_03placesetting20.jpg, 2.3K
Enough silverware?

shipimages/_04muhammed_ali78.jpg, 2.6K
Muhammed Ali
served us

shipimages/_05poolcover08.jpg, 2.8K
Rolling cover
for swimming pool

shipimages/_06pool09.jpg, 3K
The pool itself

shipimages/_07leigh67.jpg, 2.9K
Leigh at
Glacier Bay

shipimages/_08bennetts54.jpg, 2.5K
Buzz and Mary
Bennetts from

shipimages/_09levituswife45.jpg, 2.4K
Bob and Lisa

shipimages/_10sithappens70.jpg, 2.7K
Stuffit gets
a mention

shipimages/_11wakeheadinghome11.jpg, 2.7K
On our way home

shipimages/_12eagle2.jpg, 2.5K
From Alaska



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