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March 31 - April 24, 2000
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 The pages you will see were created primarily for Philip Russell and Leigh Hamilton and their relatives and friends. Thus you will see a preponderance of pictures of Leigh and Phil. Other than this, we tried to include as many of our fellow travelers as possible in the pictures.

Please feel free to print out the pages, grab copies of the pictures, send the web address (URL) to friends, or whatever you wish to do with the pictures and pages in this site.

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We enjoyed being with you on our European adventure.

Leigh Hamilton and Phil Russell
1420 SW Crest Circle, Waldport, OR 97394
541-563-2501 and

Tour Director
Dante Barbareschi

 Lois Edney
Linda Kleim
Marjorie and Robert Aven
Debra Lynette Dussault
Patricia White
Evye Jean Dussault
Ima Wilkins
Nancy and Paul Goodermote
Lorena Hamilton and Philip Russell
Barbara and Armand Johnson

 Sharon and David Kelcher
Judith and Thomas Koenig
Caroline and Harry Oster
Mary Jo and Donald Powell
Adoracion and Paul Prestridge
Gladys and Martin Ruter
Betty and Robert Sneitzer
Gloria Jean and Floyd Stern
Mary and Edwin Swalley
Sharon and Susan Utoft
Evelyn and Stanley Waters