The Las Vegas Strip

Excalibur Trumpeters.JPG Bellagio Lobby.JPG Bellagio Slots.JPG Casino Waitresses.JPG
Trumpeters welcome us to the Excalibur Lobby at Bellagios, where the best brunch in the world is served Slot machines at Bellagio Waitresses at Bellagios
Mandalay Bay Lionfish.JPG Mandalay Bay Shark.JPG Mandalay Bay Touching Pool.JPG Leigh at MGM.JPG
A lionfish at the Mandalay Bay Shark Reef A shark at the Shark Reef Touching pool with rays and horseshoe crabs at Shark Reef Leigh in front of MGM
Luxor.JPG Leigh at Luxor.JPG Leigh at NYNY Bridge.jpg Don & Jan.JPG
Luxor Leigh at Luxor Leigh at Bridge at New York New York Don and Jan at New York New York
NYNY Roller Coaster.JPG NYNY Statue of Liberty.JPG NYNY.JPG Paris Eiffel Tower.JPG
New York New York roller coaster which Phil went on New York New York Statue of Liberty New York New York night skyline The Eiffel Tower at Paris
Phil takes liberties in Paris.JPG HaagenDaz Mime.JPG Venetian.JPG Leigh, Don & Jan at Venetian.JPG
Phil takes liberties in Paris The Haagen Daz mime Venetian Leigh, Don & Jan at Venetian
Jan & Don in Gondola.JPG Treasure Island Pirate Ship.JPG Mirage Volcano Before.JPG Mirage Volcano After.JPG
Don & Jan ride the gondola at the Venetian The pirate ship at Treasure Island Mirage Fountains before the volcano The volcano


 Phil rides the roller coaster a New York New York. He rides it every time we visit Las Vegas.
The empty seat is where Leigh decided not to ride!

 The Miss Rodeo America 2004 Contest

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