Two Great Hilton Hotels

The Hilton Orchid

Waterfall at Orchid

Phil in a hammock
at Hilton Orchid

Even the elevator
at Orchid has
a chandelier

The entry to
Hilton Waikoloa
is staggering

Parked under a
beautiful tree

One of many urns
at Hilton Waikoloa

Statue of a

A monorail glides all
around the Waikoloa

...and boats cruise
a canal raised over
the gardens below

A grotto on the way
to the dolphin pool

For $125 you can
play with the dolphins

They also train dolphins

Even the ashtray is
unique at the Hilton

The Hilton Waikoloa is probably
the most luxurious hotel
we have ever seen.

It costs from $239 to
$369 for a room.

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