Panama Canal

Approaching the
Panama Canal

The Pan American
Highway over
the Canal

Arrow indicates
which set of locks
a ship will use

Sign as we
entered Canal

Israeli container

Israeli ship is
in adjacent locks

Our captain
on the bridge

The + and - signs
are for the ship
to steer by

Jungles along
the Canal

Closeup of
a set of locks

$2 million
Mitsubishi mule

Mule pulling ship

Entering a lock

Water rushing
as ship is lowered

The last lock

Colon, Panama
on Atlantic side

 Santiago, Chile

 Easter Island

 Coquimbo, Chile

 Iqueque, Chile

 Arica, Chile

 Manta, Equador

 Panama Canal

 Puerto Limon, Costa Rica

 Grand Cayman Island

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