Easter Island

Leigh has a sundae
in Santiago airport

We flew to Easter
Island on LAN Chile

Our hotel office
on Easter Island

View from our room
in Iorana Motel

Stray cats begged
food at Iorana

Swimming pool
at Iorana

Hangarora, the
only town

Leigh with guide

Volcano crater at

Stone houses used
by early settlers

Notice precise
cuts in stone

Three islands
used in ceremonies

Largest unfinished
moai still inside

Walking here was

More large moais

Leigh on way
to quarry

Phil along trail
to quarry

40 ton moai

An ahu (platform)
holding 15 moai

We hold up a copy
of the Oregonian

Leigh by largest
group of moai

Phil in same

Most moais
faced inland

An ahu by a
wonderful beach

Native boy plays
in a rocky cove

The port in

Easter Island
post office

Vendor in
downtown market

Jill, owner of
French restaurant,
speaks 11 languages

Leigh with French
speaking guide

Wonderful sunset
on Easter Island

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